Thursday, 1 July 2010

Shamed into posting

What a shock I have just received when I have seen my own name listed in a list of Bloggers in the South East, in Eclipse the newsletter of the CILIP SE Branch.
I have never really managed to blog regularly and do wish I could get into the habit as it would be a good record of life and progress

So after pondering on what to blog about I thought I would reflect on the impact I make on teaching at the school. Often I am oblivious to the impact that I am making. On a few occasions recently I have noticed English teachers using materials that I produced a while ago for using with the Booked up books. I had produced a whole folder of activities that related to character, plot, setting etc and given a copy to each teacher. Anyway I now keep seeing teachers using the folder. One teacher said that the ideas in the folder are really good and that she uses them alot.

I have now decided that I will make the activities available through our VLE.

More and more I seem to be making my impact by helping teachers with their planning rather than with the actual teaching.

I did a session for NQTs earlier this week and was v pleased with the feedback. I gave them a number of ideas to tell students what to do with the information they cut and paste.

So all in all maybe I am of more value than I sometimes suspect

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