Monday, 15 February 2010

How do you begin and end the day?

Just caught up on all the blogs and SLN and today's gem was a link to this Maryanne Wolf thinks that all the time kids spend using digital media may be detrimental to their overall developments. She wants to begin her day and end it with a pause button of her own choice. I certainly end my day with a book but dont have much chance to start it with one. Though a weekend treat is to lie in and read for a while.

Started Time Riders today. So hopefully that means I can discard The Slap which I am not enjoying, the story around the slap is fine, but it is the swearing and graphic scenes I can't be doing with, old an out of touch I guess.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Connecting information

I was talking to a Sociology teacher the other day and he said that he was disappointed that his 6th form students could not see the connection between Harry Potter's school experience with the sociology theories of education. I think that this could be because either the students understanding of the sociology is not strong enough or that they are not used to drawing connections between what they know already and what they are currently encountering.

I found that after I read Zimmermann Mosaic of thought and also Goudvis Strategies that work I suddenly started noticing when I was using different reading strategies including connecting. I have tried to get some of their ideas included in teaching, but without much success as it really needs to be all teachers doing it and not just me in the odd information skills lesson.