Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I'll fight you for the library

I am intrigued as to where we all saw the Taylor Mali youtube performance of this poem. I found it through a like on Seth Godin's blog to What a teacher makes, which in fact I had seen before. Then I spotted the link to this poem. I posted it on SLN and have seen two further links to it since. It is the trail that intrigues.
Also reminds me of Clay Shirky's Here come everybody, in which he writes about the power of social networking to make change happen.

As to the poem it probably strikes a chord with many school librarians. I have two libraries and one used to be used for governors meetings until I moved the shelves around and the space was no longer deemed big enough. So they moved the other library, then I moved that around too.

I loved the line, it is the only place with books!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cilip feeds

I do like the CILIP information world email that we receive each week, there is always something worth following up. This week I have really enjoyed investigating links from
I would recommend, have found lots of new blogs to follow, where do you draw the line though, need another few hours in the day