Friday, 22 January 2010

Library Day in the Life 25th January

Worried I am going to forget to blog on Monday, perhaps with writing this I will remember.
So far Monday will include
First career's lesson for Year 9 this year in Period 5. This lesson is part of their options process to choose their subjects for KS4.
Followed by a meeting to give feedback on social cohesion from support staff point of view
Followed by a meal out with my lib manager and 2 ex lib managers!
Must remember to take photos too.
This photo is of a student's memorial for Holocaust


LTaylor said...

How funny - I am doing exactly the same with all our Year 9 groups over next fortnight. What careers sites/software do you introduce them to? We have links on our VLE Fronter to Connexions, Hot courses, e-clips, Fast Tomato, Kudos and a couple of others

Ingrid Hopson said...

Careersbox, jobs4u, eclips, diploma, and then they have another lesson with their pse teacher when they use pathfinder.
How do your lessons go?