Thursday, 22 October 2009

Library routes

In response to the library routes project (cilip gazette 22/10/09) here is my route
It looks like I am in a minority choosing to become a librarian straight from school, although if I were to have achieved better A level results I probably would have done languages at uni.

I went to Liverpool Polytechnic in Sept 1971 and was part of the final cohort doing the library association exams. I enjoyed the course although some was deadly boring and I remember morning spent sitting in Liverpool Libs reading room passing bibliographies from person to person and taking notes on what they were and what wonders they listed! Two years later I got my first job at Liverpool uni in a very boring job sending periodicals to binding and finding the books to send on interlibrary loans. I was part of the inferior class of employees who did not have a degree, we were not allowed to go to the same staffroom or canteen as staff with degrees. I wonder if and when that practice ended?

I survived one year and then got a job at Birkenhead Central Lending library in the adult lending section and stayed there until I left to have a family in 1979.

Roll on eight years, two children and a house move to Surrey and I discovered that Surrey school were appointing half a librarian in all the secondary schools. This seemed the ideal opportunity for me and I secured a post at Ash Manor School and then finally moved to George Abbot in 1991, this time a full time post. 18 years on I am still there and love it, but that it another story.

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